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Jean Pierre, Rwanda genocide & Tyndale teaching

Jean Pierre’s story My name is Jean Pierre M. Rukundo. I was born in Rwanda on Tuesday, 7 December 1971. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. My mother was not economically capable to take care of us. I grew up in very hard conditions without enough food, clothes, love... I dropped out of primary school and spent one year as a street boy in 1981. My hope was gone and my future was really uncertain. My grandmother picked me from the street and gave me a Second Chance to study. I used this opportunity to study seriously and became a bright pupil. On October 1, 1990 the Rwandan civil war broke out from where I was doing my secondary school. The school stopped and all our items were lost. The same year my father died of AIDS. In 1991, I got another chance to study again, but in 1992 my mother also died of AIDS. On April 6, 1994 the Genocide broke out in Rwanda and one million people were killed and around three million ran away to refugee camps in neighboring countries. My two aunts were killed, and many other family members ran away. We have never met since. After the Genocide many people who were accused and jailed and some others died in sporadic revengeful assaults. In all these tragic situations God protected me miraculously and spared my life and gave a Second Chance to live. I am blessed to have married Jeanne d´ Arc and we have three kids. God called me to minister to his people through the Anglican Church of Rwanda as priest, and I had a chance to study at Tyndale for these last three years. I experienced genuine love from the Tyndale Community and Christ Church Amsterdam. My life has been restored, my faith strengthened, my calling affirmed. All these achievements have been possible due to the opportunities that have been given to me after all those failures and miserable experiences. My best way to show my gratitude to God and to all the people who invested in me, is to initiate a ministry “Second Chance Rukundo Ministry.” The ministry seeks to give a second chance to people who have gone through hardship and failures as happened to me. Instead of looking for a more comfortable life here in Europe, I felt Jesus calling me to go back to Africa and use my skills and resources to serve the Rwandans in their process of healing, reconciliation and poverty reduction. It will not be an easy task, but the one who is calling is invincible and with Him we are more than conquerors. And Jesus says to Peter ‘But I have prayed for you…that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.’ Luke 22:32. For more information http://www.jean-pierre-second-chance-rukundo-ministry.com/

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